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De Paardenstal Bronsgieterij en Galerie de Paardenstal
Atelier de Paardenstal

In the Atelier of "De Paardenstal" you will find a diverse collection of bronze sculptures.

The statues are exhibited in the atelier of the Bronze Foundry, where you also can get acquainted with the process by which they have emerged.

By doing so, the atelier distinguishes itself from other ateliers or galleries. From the informal atmosphere, the multitude and variety of bronze sculptures to the prices:  everything is made under one roof, there are no extra costs that normally should be passed: the artist, the Bronze Founder ànd the gallery.

You can choose a different patina for the statue of your choice and wait for it to be changed as you want it and then take them "warm" with you. You can also choose  another pedestal for your statue.
We collaborate with “ De Beeldhouwwinkel” (the Sculpture Shop), they guarantee diversity and quality of stone pedestals. We also have old wooden pilings in every measure to expose our kingfishers.