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De Paardenstal Bronsgieterij en Galerie de Paardenstal

Creating a bronze statue is an intensive process. It begins with the making of a good design in wax, clay, stone, wood or other material.

We assume a personal approach because each statue is different and each artist has his or her own specific wishes.

Our aim is to make the best result for everyone. Any statue, small or large, gets the attention it deserves: after all, it’s made for “ eternity!”.


Chasing Welding Stairway to Heaven (detail)

We work according to the lost wax method, also called à cire perdue. This method is used to cast works of art and is also the oldest method of bronze casting (from ± 3000 BC.)
To obtain an explanation about this method, you can come to the atelier without any obligation. You can also get tips regarding the modelling, armature, how best to deliver, etcetera.

We make high-quality molds using silicone rubber and epoxy. In this way the molds are light and user-friendly, even if you later want to be able to get a plaster model out of it.
The wax models you can touch up yourself (if desired). This enables you to ensure the final cast will be exactly as you made it. We take notice of specific wishes you may have according to the statue: also small things will be treated with the utmost accuracy.
You can choose different types of patina. Examples are in the atelier, so you can make a good choice.
When the bronze statue is finished, we can also mediate for you when purchasing a pedestal. We collaborate with “de Beeldhouwwinkel” (The Stone Shop), they guarantee diversity and quality of stone pedestals.

patination Polishing Waxmodel